How to Write Good Tets Report?

How to Write Good Tets Report?
September 14 06:17 2016  

Looking for bugs is the main task of every tester’s work. Software testing company offers only errors finding services, fixing them is up to the developers. Proper communication between testers and developers increases the speed of product release.

Typically, such communication is provided via reports. It does not matter whether a bug is found during manual testing or automated testing; the features of a good report are the same.

What Are the Features of a Good Report?

  • The description of test steps should be as simple as possible. Well-described bugs could be repeated by a child!
  • It is important not to confuse a developer by the bugs that do not really exist.
  • It is up to the tester to put the developer’s attention to the found bug. The specialist should define the priority of the bug. The most serious bugs are usually found by conducting functional testing.
  • Good bug report should contain the thorough description of an error. Tester should never forget to attach the print screen of bug in the report or log-file, when it goes about the errors found, for example, during mobile application testing.

The report containing these features would become a real advertisement of the bug, and it would be very difficult to ignore it.

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