Tips for Business Intelligence Testing

Tips for Business Intelligence Testing
October 05 05:39 2016  

In order to improve business strategy and make thorough business decisions, each subject of the market tries to establish a well-organized business intelligence system.

The so-called business intelligence testing is intended for turning the huge amount of data into the clear and effective business information.

Business intelligence is a complex concept, including a variation of elements: analytics, application set, benchmarking, reporting, QA program, data warehousing and so on.

Every employee of software testing company should realize that intelligence testing is a difficult multi-staged procedure, that should be executed in a certain order.

What Are the Main Steps of Business Intelligence Testing?

  1. Validate the source of the data – a tester should make assure that a source and the data sort coincide with each other.
  2. Validate conversion of the data – a tester checks whether the input information is turned into the business one.
  3. Validate the data location – in order to successfully fulfil this stage, a tester should conduct scalability testing and, also, performance testing due to the continuously business data growing.
  4. Making reports – the final stage lies in the generation of the results which should be accurately grouped and sorted.

Keeping the aforesaid in mind, it should be mentioned that software testing with regard to business intelligence may be performed in any category of business environment, for example, Healthcare, E-commerce, Education are the main clients of such test process because of their own internal peculiarities and ever-changing business realities.

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