TestComplete Platform: Brief Summary

TestComplete Platform: Brief Summary
November 10 07:50 2016  

Software testing frequently requires automated assistance as it is rather hard to perform successfully only manual testing without exterior help.

Such situation usually occurs when it comes to automated checking. The testers need to apply special automated tools in order to effectively execute web application testing, desktop application testing or mobile application testing.

TestComplete Platform may perfectly serve as one of such supportive tools. The main pluses of this testing suite are that it is maintained on both iOS and Android systems, in different browsers, and it is also irreplaceable towards desktop applications checking for Windows OS. Besides this, TestComplete Platform may be easily integrated with many testing tools (Selenium, Jenkins, Jira, and etc.).

What to Know About TestComplete Platform?

  • Automated tests creation does not presuppose manual script writing.
  • Interactive ability allows to deeply and easily examine the system.
  • There is an opportunity to fulfil keyword-driven testing.
  • It is designed for multistage project with different web, desktop, and mobile systems.
  • Along with the fee-based software, there is free of charge short-term trial.

Another big functional advantage of TestComplete Platform is that it may be of great use for both developers and testers. It includes various modules which should be selected by the proper companies, depending on the required device types and operating systems.

Usage of such automated tool will absolutely simplify the test or dev team; however, one should remember that checking might be automated to some extent.

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