Books for Learning Test Automation

Books for Learning Test Automation
March 16 09:41 2017  

In the software testing field, it is very important to be well-informed about different innovations and changes of the IT world. Besides that, self-education is an inevitable part of every specialist that performs functional testing, load testing, system testing and so on.

If you want to be engaged in automated testing, you can get acquainted with some books that will show you the key aspect of the checking process, specifics of automation tools, peculiarities of various development types, widespread techniques, etc.

What Are the Most Useful Books About Test Automation?

  • “Test-Driven Development: By Example”. Author: Kent Beck.
  • “Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook” by Gundecha Unmesh. This guide will help to realize and use all advantages of using Selenium tools. It describes in details the features of Selenium WebDriver API. The book is full of examples of Selenium practical applying. Only best practices are described in the book.
  • “Software Test Automation” by Mark Fewster and Dorothy Graham. The book specifies the principles of automated testing, shows how to create and implement auto tests for development. The automation tools are also reviewed and analyzed.
  • “Just Enough Software Test Automation” by Daniel J. Mosley and Bruce A. Posey. The book shows how the procedure of software test automation should be designed, implemented, and managed. There are also specified testing framework, automated unit and integration checking. It describes how to perform manual testing with automation tools.
  • “Experience of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation” by Dorothy Graham and mark Fewster. The book describes the implementation process of automating government systems, medical devices, SAP business development, cloud migrations, etc.

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