How Automated Testing Can Help Ecommerce Platforms, in Real-Life Examples

How Automated Testing Can Help Ecommerce Platforms, in Real-Life Examples
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A high quality of software increases customer satisfaction and profit. This statement is especially true for ecom solutions where user experience directly affects the decision to buy. An effective way to check and improve the quality of ecom software is to use automated testing.

In this article, we describe the way test automation can be useful for ecommerce software and provide real-life examples of cases when it happened.

Benefits of Test Automation for Ecom Solutions

  • Checking the product’s quality faster

Test automation allows speeding up the quality assurance process as checking is done by running scripts. This helps to meet tight deadlines, release faster, and allocate more time to manual tests that are most important and directly affect the solution’s success (such as evaluating user experience).

  • Better thoroughness, accuracy, and efficiency of testing

With automation, one can run tests continuously and cover more functionality than with checking manually. Automated testing is also more precise as it minimizes the possibility of human error. As a result, more bugs can be found and fixed faster, the product’s quality improves, user satisfaction increases, and profit grows.

  • Ensuring proper integrations with third-party solutions

Ecom applications usually need integration and synchronization with many third-party systems to provide all the important functionality to their customers. These third-party platforms include payment systems, marketplaces, CMS, and many others. Test automation is very effective in checking such integrations.

  • Saving money in the long run

With automation, testing can be done faster, fewer QA engineers are needed, bugs are found earlier, and the quality of the product improves. So, with time, test automation allows saving much money for QA expenses and also leads to higher profit by increasing the users’ appreciation of the solution.

Real Cases When Automated Testing Helped Ecom Solutions

Order Management Software for Ecom Apps


This cloud-based software for inventory and order management connects ecom platforms with sales channels, shipping providers, and accounting solutions. It supports integration with Amazon, Magento, eBay, and


The customer wanted to cover new software functionality with automated regression and smoke tests and to check the solution’s performance after the updates.

  • We prepared scripts for user and order creation using Magento API to check the timing of the system’s synchronization with Magento.
  • Our team wrote auto scripts to measure the execution time of the selected operations and determine the maximum number of simultaneous users. This way we checked the solution’s performance and stability.
  • We created new automated testing scenarios to increase test coverage and make sure all the software functionality is tested.
  • Our team made a custom reporter program to generate detailed reports in HTML and automatically send email notifications after each test execution.
  • As a result, the customer got an extended, improved, and more convenient test automation system. It helped to continuously ensure the software’s stable performance and correct functioning.
Test automation banner

Magento-Based Website


The solution is a website based on Magento (Adobe Commerce) that has many integrations with third-party systems.


The customer wanted to have auto tests created for the website and to ensure proper data synchronization between the site and the third-party systems it used.

  • We developed nearly 50 high-level automation scripts in Java to create the system that allows thorough checking of the website.
  • Using Selenium WebDriver, our team set up browser automation for the website to constantly check if it works correctly in browsers.
  • With the help of TestNG + ReportNG frameworks, we set up automatic generation of detailed reports and test validation.
  • As a result, an effective test automation system was created to ensure the website’s high quality and flawless data synchronization with third-party systems.

Web Trading Platform


This web platform for traders working with different operations on the stock market (swaps and options) keeps the record of the order book activity and displays it to a trader together with the current depth of the market.


The customer wanted to update the existing automation project and cover new platform functionality with auto scripts.

  • We fixed the existing scripts (about 30 of the most important scenarios) and completed the existing set of scripts with new tests.
  • Our team automated about 250 test cases and developed scripts that automatically run the tests and send notifications on the test results.
  • Our automation services increased trade coverage from 40 trades to 300+ trades per test cycle.
  • As a result, the customer got an automation system that allowed verifying and ensuring of the trading platform’s proper operation non-stop. That helped to increase users’ satisfaction with the solution, its reputation, and the client’s profit.


Test automation can contribute to the quality and success of ecom products in many ways. It helps to check such software quickly and efficiently, finding more bugs faster. Automated testing is great for checking integrations between ecom platforms and third-party systems. In the long run, automation leads to a higher quality of ecommerce solutions and profit growth. It is especially true if the product in question is complex and has much functionality.

QATestLab specializes in test automation and has much experience in automated testing of ecommerce solutions. Please contact us if you have a need for this type of QA services.

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