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Mobile Game Testing: Factors to Consider

Note: This article was updated in September 2020 Worldwide mobile gaming revenue is expected to top $100 billion by 2021. Why are mobile games so popular? Convenience. You can play wherever

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Penetration Testing: zero in on security

Penetration testing or pentesting evaluates security system of a ready software. Its main goal is to detect potential vulnerabilities by simulating malicious attacks. Pentesting helps to improve software security basing

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Performance Testing: how to detect system bottlenecks

The main aim of performance testing is to detect performance bottlenecks that can cause negative user experience and even software fail. The most common system bottlenecks are slow response time,

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Software Testing: add the secret sauce to your solution

For companies to ensure a smooth and successful software release, a high quality is a must. Testing is called to evaluate product quality and to make sure it meets international

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Software Testing Battle: In-House QA Department vs Independent Providers

Note: the article was updated in August 2020. Quality issues severely undermine customer trust and damage the company image. Improper system functionality, unhandled security vulnerabilities, or poor user experience will

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