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How Artificial Intelligence Affects Software Testing

There are countless headlines on the net about AI and the way it transforms everything. What about its impact on software testing? How can AI testing change the future for

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Extreme testing: why your team constantly misses the project deadline

Deadlines. Nothing else can motivate and make you work faster and sometimes even at night. What to do when the Scrum, Kanban, and Agile are powerless, but you need to

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TOP 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startups You should Know

Right now, Artificial Intelligence is the massive technological boom that redefines the way we think, the way we live and do business. Having no geographical boundaries, ai tech almost guarantees

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Cloud-based Load Testing: Does it go Up or Down?

Hardware days are over, cloud computing is a new black! At least, today’s hype makes us believe so. Due to the number of sweet promises, companies are quickly moving towards

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What Are the Duties of Senior Software QA Engineer?

Note: this article was updated in December 2019. Being a Senior Software QA engineer is not just something you sit and wait 5 years to magically morph into. There’s work

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What Is Database Sandbox?

Note: this article was updated in December 2019. Who hasn’t played with the sandbox in childhood?! Probably, only a few…or nobody? But what do these childhood memories have in common

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