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Online casino testing: challenges and solutions

Note: this article was updated in June 2020. A long time ago gambling fans all over the world took to online casinos to fulfill their craving for the adrenaline rush,

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What is the Pilot Project and What are the Benefits?

Note: This article was updated in July 2020.  Given that every innovation requires a detailed analysis that provides the grounds for its realization, a well-conducted pilot is an ultimate tool to

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Soak Testing 101: The Basics

Note: the article was updated in July 2020. The last thing you expect from a recently deployed application is its instant crash or an abrupt slowdown in the operational flow.

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What is the Difference Between SRS, FRS and BRS?

Note: the article was updated in July 2020. Software testing professionals recognize these abbreviations: SRS, FRS, and BRS. Meaning “software”, “functional”, and “business” requirement specifications, they are main document types

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Top 15 Bugs of Mobile Apps: Security, UI, Performance

Note: the article was updated in September 2020. Like all the versed smartphone users, we’ve taken to spotting defects in applications at a glance, from irritating interfaces to “time-bomb” buttons

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