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Acceptance Criteria vs Acceptance Test

The beginners who have small experience in the field of software testing may think that acceptance criteria and tests are the same notions. But some specialists take part in agile

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Duties and Responsibilities Allocation for Test Process. Part I

Each testing process is unique and complicated in its own way. That is why every web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing demands variety of specialists in different

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Acceptance Testing and Software Release

Acceptance testing is often conducted as the finish sub-stage of software testing to define whether the product should be released. For successful release you also should clarify: What are the

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Preparation of Acceptance Test Plan

In any software testing project the acceptance document is basically prepared using the certain inputs. But this can vary depending on organization and project. Here are the most general inputs

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Selenium Auto Accept Self Signed SSL Certificates and Basic Authentication

One of my biggest annoyances and unresolved issues with Selenium is the self-signed SSL certificates. This was a huge issue for me on the last project when we had dozen

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3 Forms of Acceptance Testing and their Application

Any application has to be tested. One highly respected programmer said: “programs that are not tested, are not working.” Acceptance testing is performed based on a set of common test

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