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Acceptance Criteria vs Acceptance Test 0

The beginners who have small experience in the field of software testing may think that acceptance criteria and tests are the same notions. But some specialists take part in agile

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Briefly about System Testing 0

The procedure of system checking is connected with unit, integration and acceptance testing. System testing is conducted in order to check functional and nonfunctional requirements to the system as a unique

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Peculiarities of Testing Levels 0

In software testing field, various types of checking procedure are performed. Each such type has its own goal, specific features and peculiarities of execution. Software testing types can be divided

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How to Build Acceptance Tests? 0

Experts in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing are convinced that effective build acceptance tests significantly increase efficiency of the project. That is why one shouldn’t save

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Peculiarities of Build Acceptance Testing 0

Every software testing process includes build acceptance testing. It is a complex of tests that are run on each newly created build. The tests verify whether the module is ready

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Acceptance Testing and Software Release 3

Acceptance testing is often conducted as the finish sub-stage of software testing to define whether the product should be released. For successful release you also should clarify: What are the

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