How to Build Acceptance Tests?

How to Build Acceptance Tests?
January 14 10:00 2015  

Experts in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing are convinced that effective build acceptance tests significantly increase efficiency of the project. That is why one shouldn’t save time with sacrifice in them.

In Order to Elaborate Effective Tests for Build Primary Checking, it is Necessary:

  • first of all to study the project peculiarities and main purposes;
  • to discuss the selected test cases with other project members; they may give useful advices on what tests should be included;
  • to provide sufficient coverage of the tested builds;
  • to take test cases that verify stable functions of the build;
  • to automate most of the processes of build acceptance testing;
  • to make the scripts maintainable;
  • to make sure that the automated testing does not often fail because of various errors in the scripts, test environment, hardware and so on.

The tests must be properly maintained, test cases verifying newly added functions should be included in the test suite. These tests are executed as regression testing of the program modules.

This type of software testing is usually run by the development team, the results are spread among all the project participants and discussed. Error reports should contain the logs, screenshots and clear steps to reproduce the errors. This information helps the programmers to correct the detected software bugs.

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