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Top 5 security leaks of Android applications

Android Operating System celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018, and the majority of its users are obviously satisfied with the security policy, as 84% of clients feel safe using this

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How Deliver Effective Apps for Logistics?

A vehicle is driving from point A to point B with a definite speed. How fast will it get to the destination? Are traffic jams and weather conditions considered? Probably,

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Ready, Set, Go! How fitness apps became our coaches?

Do you go in for sports? Visit a gym or go to pilates at least a couple of days a week? Do you have a fitness tracker? Or is there

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How to Test Multiuser App with no Control of Concurrency Issues?

Many of modern applications are designed to work simultaneously with many users. Concurrency has always been problem-plagued part of such software products. It is not an easy task for the

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4 Steps For Successful UI Prototyping

Note: this article was updated in October 2019. One of the most important steps in creating something new is prototyping. If the mistake was made at this stage, it would

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