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What Qualities Make a Good QA Engineer?

The Quality Assurance Engineer is not yet as popular as a Lawyer or Science Teacher, but watch out for the word “yet”. This occupation attracts more and more people and

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Tips to Start Career in Testing Rightly

Based on statistics, a job of software tester becomes more and more popular every year. Every software testing company wants to be the first who will gain the most qualified

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How to Build a Career in Software Testing?

Possessing necessary personal qualities and professional skills, one can quickly build a career in software testing field. The most important is to be good in finding defects during web site

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How Get the First Job in Software Testing?

To get a software testing job, you have to be really interested in it. One has to decide for oneself why he or she wants to get such kind of

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How to Get Started in Software Testing?

Gaining professional experience is of great importance for the future success in one’s career. Potential candidates with little or no testing experience will hardly ever find a well-paid job with

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