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Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing 0

Alpha and Beta testing are two types of acceptance testing. Both of them are performed at the latest stages of testing cycle just before product release. Today we are going

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‘Rainbow’ Box Testing 0

Every software tester knows the specifics of black and white box testing, and the majority of specialists apply the technique of gray box testing. These methods of checking the quality

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What Box to Choose: Black, White or Grey? 0

The software testing company employee must be sure that the product is perfectly tested. That is why it is so important to be aware of the main software testing types.

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Black-Box Testing vs White-Box Testing 0

The main differences between black-box testing (BBT) and white-box testing (WBT) are in such aspects: Objects The tested objects may overlap sometimes. WBT is commonly used to test not very

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What Is The Difference Between White Box, Black Box And Gray Box Testing? 2

Black box testing is such a technique based exclusively on demands and specifications. It requires no knowledge of internal paths, structures, or realization of the software product under test. In

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Black Box Test Techniques. Random Testing 0

Design Test cases should be chosen randomly from the input domain of the component according to the input distribution. The input distribution which used for the test case suite should

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