‘Rainbow’ Box Testing

‘Rainbow’ Box Testing
December 28 16:15 2016  

Every software tester knows the specifics of black and white box testing, and the majority of specialists apply the technique of gray box testing. These methods of checking the quality of various software products are rather widespread.

Usually, there is a lot of information about these three software testing types. But besides the mentioned techniques, there are also ‘box testing of other colors’.

What Are Color Box Testing Types?

  • White box tests
  • Black box checking
  • Grey box testing
  • Glass box tests
  • Red box scripts
  • Yellow box testing
  • Green box checking, etc.

To check the warnings that are used by apps, yellow box testing is performed. This QA technique is sometimes called warning messages testing. It includes the acceptance tests. Red box testing is the process of validating the error messages. It is also user acceptance testing. Reb box testing is a protocol checking. Also, it is known as networking and peripherals testing.

Grey box testing is the combination of white and black box testing. A specialist should have some programming skills in order to conduct this type of testing. This technique is a kind of maintenance testing. During gray box testing, the internal and build code will be checked.

The method of green box testing contains the techniques of release testing. Some specialists identify white box testing as clear box testing, glass box testing, transparent box testing.

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