What Box to Choose: Black, White or Grey?

What Box to Choose: Black, White or Grey?
September 13 06:39 2016  

The software testing company employee must be sure that the product is perfectly tested. That is why it is so important to be aware of the main software testing types.

What Are Three Main Testing Types?

In black box testing, the specialist stays ignorant of the internal implementation of the software under test.

What Are the Advantages of Black Box Testing?

  • Perfectly connected with such techniques as fuzz testing, all-pairs testing, model-based testing, etc.
  • Good for searching bugs not found during running the product.
  • The only problem is that the specialist can’t be sure that every part of code has been tested.

During white box testing the specialist vice versa knows the structure of code that totally avoids the problems of black box testing

Basic Methods Used During White Box Testing Are:

  • static testing;
  • application programming interface testing;
  • mutation testing.

During grey box testing, the specialist like in white box testing knows the code structure, though testing process is quite similar to black box strategy. It is commonly used for integration testing.

Besides, nowadays in the test market, there is a lot of test automation tools developed to perform software testing simpler and quicker. The demand for such programs grows every day.

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