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The Secret of NFT Games Popularity: Features and Benefits

NFT games have caused a lot of buzz in the crypto and blockchain areas. A new technology ahead of the digital decade has enormous potential to change the entire gaming

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Specifics of Augmented Reality Games Testing

Augmented reality (AR) is on the rise now, becoming a bigger trend every day. According to Statista, by 2024 the number of AR users worldwide will reach 1.7 billion people.

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Software Testing for Hyper-Casual Games: Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

A couple of years ago everyone said that hyper-casual games were having a moment. But now it’s clear that the “moment” has stretched into a longer trend.  According to statistics

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How Game Testing Increases User Engagement: Secrets from QA Program Manager

User engagement defines a successful game. To explain how to increase this issue, we held a webinar on June 11 hosted by Ivan Kovalchuk, Program Manager, and QA engineer with

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Choosing Devices for Game Testing: How to Play this Game?

Today’s players know what they want. They are familiar with the quality of the graphic, scenarios, and strategies of games. Talking shortly, users know how to recognize a great job

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Top Qualities of a Good Game Tester

Almost every gamer had thoughts about becoming a game tester. The logic is simple: if a person has extensive experience in playing games, he/she can be a good fit for

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