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Five Steps of Regression Testing

The work of the software testing company doesn’t end when all the bugs are found and even fixed by the team of developers. To ensure the popper functioning of the

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3 Reasons to Conduct Regression Testing

The purpose of software testing is not only to find a bug but also to help fixing it. Bug fixing often causes additional bugs. That is why every software testing

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What Conclusions to Draw From Regression Tests Outcomes?

The aim of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing is to find as many defects as possible and this way improve the quality of an application. Regression

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How and When to Perform Regression Testing?

It is well known that regression testing is an efficient phase of QA activities. If it is performed poorly, all the preceding testing works become of no value. That is

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Role of Regression Testing in Software Development

It is of common knowledge that any testing process must include regression testing. This testing phase is an essential part of a web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application

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Regression and Confirmation testing. What is the difference?

Note: this article was updated in September 2019. In this article, we would like to separate the differences between these types of tests. But, where and why to use each

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