Five Steps of Regression Testing

Five Steps of Regression Testing
August 26 08:53 2016  

The work of the software testing company doesn’t end when all the bugs are found and even fixed by the team of developers. To ensure the popper functioning of the product, there is the necessity to check it one more time. For this purpose regression testing is conducted.

To achieve better results, the experienced testers recommend systemizing the regression testing. It can be divided into five main steps.

What Are the Main Steps of Regression Testing?

  1. Time allocation. Only the specialists with big testing background can cope with software testing in a short time. Automated testing would help to save time.
  2. Contribution factors fixing. Unfortunately, situations when the product contains functional mistakes after fixing are usual. That’s why it is important to identify the source of the error and remove it.
  3. Bugs fixing may cause new errors, and the tester’s work is not to miss them.
  4. Functional testing. The specialist should primarily pay attention to the functional aspects of the product under test.
  5. Test suite creating. The good-written test suite could become the formula for successful testing.

Regression testing is the guarantee of quality not only for a completely new product. It is also obligatory for testing when changes in database of the program take place.

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