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6 Effective Ways to Perform Regression Testing 1

After performing software testing, reporting bugs and their fix regression testing should be executed. Its aim is to find defects of the software after code modifications or the product release.

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Types of Regression Testing 0

While checking a particular software product, QAs perform different types of tests: automated test scripts, unit test cases, suites for system testing, load tests, etc. But beside that, testers can also conduct several

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What Are the Advantages of Regression Testing? 0

If there are any modifications of the code or changes of some features, then regression testing is performed. This type of software testing helps to verify whether the system operates

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4 Common Myths About Regression Testing 0

Every day new information technologies continue to emerge: mobile and desktop applications, games, complex websites. Thereafter, QA company has new responsibilities and much work to perform. How should software testing be

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Must-Have for Regression Testing 0

Software testing undergoes many stages, modifications, additions, and so on during its execution. Performing regression testing, the specialists always hope for the absence of bugs, as well as of the

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Five Steps of Regression Testing 0

The work of the software testing company doesn’t end when all the bugs are found and even fixed by the team of developers. To ensure the popper functioning of the

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