Top 10 Best Powerful Regression Testing Tools in 2020

Top 10 Best Powerful Regression Testing Tools in 2020
May 28 09:14 2020  

Perplexed and the least favorite type of testing. Regression testing can be a real challenge for QA engineers. But, fortunately, there are automated regression testing tools that make this process easier. What are the most powerful tools, and how do they work? Selecting the right instrument has the most substantial effect on the project’s success, so don’t lag behind the latest movements.

Regression Testing Powered by Automated Tools

The central goal of regression testing is as follows: to check the functionality of software when it undergoes lots of changes. Such testing gets complicated with each subsequent step. Reason for this, QA engineers need to ensure whether new modifications don’t affect the old one functionality. This process is often time-consuming and intricate.
Automation of regression test cases makes everything fall into place. The features below are the primary advantages of it. When you choose one of the visual regression testing tools, check whether the following points are included:

  • Records and Plays Back. Taking any regression testing example, you always have to go back and recheck everything. Record and playback option (often it is an extension in browser) allows to record all activity with the website and auto-generated needed test-scripts.
  • Scriptless approach. QA engineers should typically write coding scripts, but a few tools on the market already have pre-ready written standard procedures you can use. No specific need to write long test scripts or select GUI-based commands.
  • Working on one server. When more than one QA specialist is involved in a project, it is necessary to work on one server. For this task, continuous integration tools help to solve this problem and offer a comfortable environment for testers on one host.

All these things reshape old methods and so help you to incorporate testing more efficiently.

TOP 10 Best Regression Testing Tools as for 2020

An excellent tool saves organizations both time and money. But how to choose one among lots of options on the market? Of course, it is almost impossible to predict what will suit your needs for the first glance. For this, we selected the best automated regression testing tools.

TestingWhiz-minTestingWhiz. This tool enables the testers to automate test cases without worrying about coding for the web, mobile, and cloud apps. It allows to postpone the test cases and run them whenever it is suitable, optimize them with a playback recorder feature; it also supports back-end layers and has 290 predefined test commands.


SahiPro-minSahiPro. Another one regression testing tool to measure product functionality in a fast and convenient way. It is among the best website regression testing tools, also suited for mobile, SAP, Windows, and even Java applications. Record playback, Inbuilt framework, Smart and resilient assessors are built-in.



Test - CompleteTestComplete. This tool provides the same functionality as the two previous ones, plus it enables test creation with Python, and all variations of scripting languages like JavaScript, and JScript. Pre-written operations and integration capabilities make TestComplete the preferred test automation suite for QA specialists.



Ranorex-StudioRanorex Studio. One of the most widely used tools with over 4k users. It is solid object identification, even for web elements with dynamic IDs. Considerable support is built-in as well as RPB. Integrates with standard tools like Jira, TestRail and more.



Selenium-minSelenium. Selenium is something automated testing can’t exist. It is a tool for all trade, it can support QA engineers in all scenarios and generally help in automating testing procedures. The number of libraries is included.




Silk Test-minSilk Test. Using Object-Oriented Programming, which is a great advantage, this tool is operating based on objects, classes, and inheritance. It can successfully perform regression techniques on all machines and nodes and convert test scripts from text to GUI commands in a few seconds.



QTP-minQTP. For simplicity’s sake, this tool supports various languages and frameworks like Oracle, Java, SAP, and more. Being an icon-based tool, QTP (QuickTest Professional) automates checking functionality that also comes with an inbuilt IDE.



actiWATE-minactiWATE. One of the most well-known Java-powered instrument consisting of the framework and additional modules. It can execute tests even without a browser; instead, emulating the needed environment. It provides both features- Record as well as Playback.



CloudQA-minCloudQA. Just like other tools, this one has a record and playback features integrated. It also provides an effective combination with various third-party tools like Jira, BugTracker, Slack, SMS, Github, and more.



Testimony-minTestimony. This tool is mainly used for SAP, a tech giant nowadays. Easy to maintain, it allows automatic creation, execution and update of test libraries.



All of these software regression testing tools will come in handy for testing execution. What will you choose?

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