TOP 10 Regression Testing Tools

TOP 10 Regression Testing Tools
July 02 07:31 2019  

A wide range of testing tools does not mean that your choice will be quick and simple. To make your decision reasonable, it is important to know the specifics of each tool, which is potentially suitable for a chosen testing type. As for regression testing, QATestLab prepared a list of top 10 testing assistants, which will save your time, budget, and efforts.

What is Regression Testing

First of all, it is necessary to define the scope of testing, which will be assisted by tools. Regression testing checks the required work of software by re-execution of test cases. This testing verifies whether the code functions properly, even in case of changes and amendments and how the modifications affect its functioning.

Like any other testing procedure, regression testing has its tools to simplify testers work. The variety has its leaders among the hundreds of tools and QATestLab is glad to outline the top applied automation regression testing instruments which we use in our testing practice. Its aim is to save your time on deciding which one is the best.

List of Top Used Tools for Regression Testing

regression testing tools

1. Sahi Pro is a tool for regression testing which assists you both in testing mobile and Web apps, as well as in Java Web. It is good for large apps and does not require much efforts to use it effectively.
Sahi executes quick and reliable testing, and it is suitable for various conditions.


  • compatible with any browser;
  • smart identification of accessor which eliminates the failure even in case of UI changes;
  • informative reporting;
  • high-quality scripting;
  • fast playback;
  • good integration with other programs;
  • excel frame.

2. Selenium is a combination of different tools with a specific approach in each one. The full set of tools helps to perform testing of any type.


  • flexibility;
  • cross-environmental: compatible with different browsers;
  • supports different programming languages;
  • easy Webpage Navigation.

3. Watir means Web Application Testing in Ruby. It is perfect to write tests which are easy to perform. Despite Ruby direction, Watir supports many other technologies of apps development.


  • Ruby Language;
  • good in flexible and simple testing;
  • highly capable in browser interaction;
  • inbuilt test recording;
  • easy to use;
  • cross-platform;
  • reliable: applied by Facebook, Oracle, etc.

4. TestComplete offers fast and simple testing of various apps. Also, it has good integration with defect detection tools. It is automatically planned and does not require manual efforts which decreases the expenses on trainings for testing.


  • recording of tests;
  • fast identification of code bugs;
  • good integration with other tools;
  • visualization of tests;
  • mapping of object names;
  • stable tests without failures in case of UI changes;
  • keyword, object and data-driven testing.

5. IBM Rational Functional Tester is suitable for various applications and has several specific useful traits.


  • clear detection of data;
  • support of visual editing;
  • scripting of tests;
  • support of GUI and Data-driven testing;
  • good cooperation with other programs.

6. TimeShiftX shows the parameters of an app using different time periods. It executes temporal testing by shifting the date to simulate the testing in particular abstract period.


  • application and Database compatibility;
  • active Directory compatibility;
  • matches with all platforms and operating;
  • no need for code modifications;
  • uses time shift testing in all applications & databases.

7. TestDrive is a solution which offers a rapid test performance.


  • rapid testing;
  • easy to work with apps modification;
  • scripts are modular;
  • human involvement is possible;
  • interfaces support;
  • test automation is code free.

8. AdventNetQEngine is an assisting instrument which does not depend on a type of platform.


  • UI is simple in use;
  • server monitoring function;
  • tracking of sessions;
  • simulation of the virtual user;
  • works with IE and FireFox.

9. TestingWhiz performs complete testing of API, Cloud, Database, Web, and Mobile. It works on a base of Automation Scripting Technology. It automates test cases in the shortest time due to a wide range of commands.


  • management tools integration;
  • more than 290 commands;
  • bug detection tools integration;
  • support of multiple Browsers;
  • codeless structure;
  • automation engine is fast;
  • inbuilt schedule;
  • mobile Testing is available;
  • integration with management tools and databases.

10. Webking is a Parasoft product which includes both Java and C/C++ defect detection techniques to examine Websites. It also supports Web sites in installation and testing.


  • supports databases, Webking’s internal tables, Excel, etc;
  • verifies a proper work of user paths;
  • automated support of code monitoring.

Conclusion on Regression Testing Tools

Despite a big variety of regression testing tools, the right choice is completely upon you. It fully depends on a proper realizing of testing scope and specifics, required parameters and expected results. A proper appliance of the most suitable instrument requires an understanding of both testing specifics and tool characteristics. If the first depends on you, the second is described and explained in useful tips and advices from QATestLab.

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