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Top Software Bugs 2018 0

The software is closer to you than meets the eye. If a person is a part of some social media, has a GPS tracker in his car or simply uses

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Is software testing a waste or a benefit? 0

Is testing a waste or the way to guarantee a proper quality of software? Nobody wants to pay extra money for testing services that may only confirm that software operates

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Most expensive bugs of 2016 0

In 2016, almost 50% of the world’s population faced different software bugs, according to a software testing company Tricentis. Just imagine, nearly 4,4 bn people were affected by software issues.

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Software failure: how to avoid Murphy’s law? 0

Have you ever downloaded an app from Google Play or Apple App Store, used it for a couple of minutes and then deleted? Perhaps, many people come across this situation.

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5 Causes of Bugs Miss Out 0

QA company always tries to motivate its testers to be more concentrated and attentive during the process of software testing. A tester can be more than creative in case of test

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The Most Unusual Bugs 0

Software testing company specialists do their best finding all the possible errors. The variety of bugs could be found in the product is so vast, that the professionals can even

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