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What Is Localization Testing?

Everyone knows that in software testing field, there are different types of product checking. The aim of the testing procedure is not just to control the functionality of the system

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The Difficulties of Localization Testing

Every software testing type has its own difficulties and peculiarities of the performance procedure. Now, it is the time to clearly understand what troubles a tester may face during localization

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Difficulties of Translation or Localization Testing

Performing mobile testing or desktop testing, testers know very well what they need to do. But those, who have faced with localization testing for the first time probably asked themselves:

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What to Focus on During Localization Testing?

There are many programs that have versions in numerous languages. Such programs require localization testing besides other common testing types. Those, who perform mobile testing, desktop testing and web site

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Why is Localization Testing Important?

Executing mobile application testing one should not forget about localization testing. Most of software products support several languages nowadays. Multilinguality sustains distribution of the application among people from various countries

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