Why is Localization Testing Important?

Why is Localization Testing Important?
February 14 10:00 2014  

Executing mobile application testing one should not forget about localization testing. Most of software products support several languages nowadays.

Multilinguality sustains distribution of the application among people from various countries and continents. Even if a software product supports only one widely spread language, for example, English, German, French, Spanish or Russian, it may become popular among users from different countries as those languages are utilized by many people all over the world.

A software testing company informs that the same concerns applications for personal computers. So, performing desktop testing or web site testing it is also important to include localization testing in the testing process.

In Course of Localization Testing it is Important to Pay Attention on the Next Issues:

  • Different characters may be processed differently. A software product may crash, freeze up or give strange outputs when certain characters or combinations of characters are entered.
  • Letters and words are longer in some languages and shorter in others. This must be considered during the development process and mobile,¬†desktop or web site testing.
  • Even if word for word translation seems to be ok, it is necessary to involve native speakers of the languages in localization testing as some phrases may be wrongly translated, be out usage or offensive.

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