Localization Testing

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Types of Localization Bugs with Examples

Localization testing is an important part of a development lifecycle of the application, which is designed for the international market. It checks whether the software is adjusted to meet lingual,

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Localization Testing: what to focus on?

There are many programs that have versions in numerous languages. Such programs require localization testing besides other common testing types. Those, who perform mobile testing, desktop testing and web site

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What Defects Can Localization Testing Reveal?

We live in time of globalization. Nowadays information spreads fast. Anyone can learn what is going on on other continents just sitting in front of a personal computer, listening to

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Why is Localization Testing Important?

Executing mobile application testing one should not forget about localization testing. Most of software products support several languages nowadays. Multilinguality sustains distribution of the application among people from various countries

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