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Penetration Testing: zero in on security 1

Penetration testing or pentesting evaluates security system of a ready software. Its main goal is to detect potential vulnerabilities by simulating malicious attacks. Pentesting helps to improve software security basing

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Security Testing Tools 0

Nowadays, security of personal and corporate data plays an important role. And a huge attention is paid to thorough penetration testing, security testing, access control testing, etc. To check whether

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Security Testing: Universal Recommendations 0

The realities of today’s world make every software testing company pay particular attention to the security of products under test. It’s no wonder, considering that the cost of mistakes is

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Security Testing: Protecting Customers from Day One 0

Early integration of security testing into the development process is essential and should in no case be neglected. Just think of what can happen if an app is hacked and

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How to Improve Security with Penetration Tests? 0

There is a quite popular approach to security testing. The approach is to find small security flaws that cannot actually bring severe damage to a product even if found and

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GET HTTP Request Method and Sensitive Data 0

Functional testing, security testing, usability testing and other types of checking web, mobile and desktop software products differ due to specificities of web, mobile and desktop technologies. Carrying out security

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