Security Testing: Protecting Customers from Day One

Security Testing: Protecting Customers from Day One
July 01 07:28 2016  

Early integration of security testing into the development process is essential and should in no case be neglected.

Just think of what can happen if an app is hacked and confidential user information leaks out! This does not bode well for customers or software testing company employees. As the methods of hackers become more and more sophisticated and irreproachable, every software tester should not trail behind but do their best to achieve near-perfect security.

Why to Start Security Testing at Early Stages of Software Development?

  • If a system under test allows users to perform financial operations, the weakness of its security components and interfaces can lead directly to fraud and financial loss. In most cases, the later the security features are implemented, the weaker they are.
  • For a system that works with personal user data, letting hackers to reach and steal these data is completely inexcusable. Even if the data is not that sensitive, it is still private and its leakage can be disastrous for the whole business of a company.
  • The process of risk assessment usually takes place at the very beginning of the development process. It is a perfect timing for determining potential security flaws as well.

Everybody agrees that, for example, functional testing and unit testing should be performed even on the earliest stages of product development. Why not apply this approach to security testing?

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