How to Test Logging in Procedure?

How to Test Logging in Procedure?
August 27 10:00 2014  

Though security is paid significant attention during every mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing, attackers, unfortunately, are skilled and creative. They can do lots of various tricks in order to steal valuable data.

Attacking of an application input fields is among the oldest ways of breaking into an application.

In spite of tremendous difference between the first awkward programs that ran on big primitive computers few decades ago and modern smart, multipurpose user oriented once, the communication between the user and a software program goes the same way: the user inputs something and the program responses outputting or doing something in return.

Most of software products require entering the username and password for authorization. A software testing company always reminds its testers to check whether the program fails in appropriate manner when the username or password is wrong.

In Order to Check Logging in Procedure One Should:

  • enter strange and specific symbols from various languages and see how the program reacts on them;
  • enter too many symbols and try this way to overload the system.

If during such security testing the program just outputs message informing that the combination username/password is incorrect, it works fine. Other reactions, for example, the program hangs, shows strange messages or behaves strangely, indicate that the web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing revealed a defect.

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