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Is It Obligatory for a Tester to Have the Certificates?

Software testing field has its own peculiarities and requirements to the potential employees. Only well-qualified, skilled and motivated persons will work in software testing company. Everyone has the opportunity to

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Who Is Omega Tester?

In software testing company, some test teams may be understaffed. But pretty soon they will be fully staffed. The checking of small projects requires one specialist. Several testers may work

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Software Tester: High Qualification Background vs Knowledge

Employees with high qualification background are desirable by lots of companies. But is it true for all companies? What about software testing company? Is it obligatory for software tester to

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How to Become a Professional Software Tester?

Note: the article was updated in August 2018. To get the full and distinct image of a professional software tester, we should define all constituents of this occupation. The key

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