Is It Obligatory for a Tester to Have the Certificates?

Is It Obligatory for a Tester to Have the Certificates?
December 21 10:43 2015  

Software testing field has its own peculiarities and requirements to the potential employees. Only well-qualified, skilled and motivated persons will work in software testing company.

Everyone has the opportunity to get different testing certificates. But is it necessary to have such certificates? Do they demonstrate the tester’s knowledge and skills? Does the tester without any certificates perform automated testing worse than the certified one?

Usually, testing training courses last not very long time. Their main purpose is to provide trainees with general information. One believes that it is impossible to become an expert in some field in 3 or 5 days. Others are sure that the trainings participation in training courses may be the first step to further learning something.

Certificates do not guarantee the effective execution of system testing or load testing. They just show that the tester was interested in this particular testing type and decided to get more information about it.

What Should One Do to Become a Real Tester?

  • It is necessary to attend different events dedicated to the problems and peculiarities of software testing.
  • The participation in the testing clubs or groups will help to enlarge knowledge. It may be done online.
  • Self-education is an integral element of the personal development and the promotion at work.
  • One should not be afraid to practice. The testing skills should always be developed and improved.
  • Sharing the opinions with others is very useful. For example, one can try to write his own thoughts about functional testing in the blog.

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