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How to create a competitive Nutrition App? QA is the answer

Healthy lifestyle is a trend: nutrition, diets, sports apps of different types from step tracking to exercise libraries.  The competition on the App Store and Play Store is impressive.  How

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Why CMS-based Websites Require Testing

If you worked with sites built on Content Management Systems (CMS), then you know that such sites hundred percent require testing. Do such systems have common problems, or they depend

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QA for Mobile Banking: Security is not all you have to handle

Note: This article was updated in May 2020 The future of your money is literally in your hands. Mobile banking enables us to conduct almost all financial operations. Smooth running

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Difference Between Checklist and Coverage Map

Many experts in software testing find that lightweight guidance is often more beneficial than the detailed one for mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing. Such guidance is

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Limitations and Difficulties of the Checklists

The significant feature of checklists is that they are normally not very specific, especially those high-level ones. For instance, a high-level functional checklist normally includes the main functions to be

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