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How to prepare for Winter Sales

Given that the number of buyers is growing every day, you need to pay attention primarily to the real capabilities of the site. The faster and more convenient it will

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E-Commerce Testing Checklist: Are you ready for digital transformation?

Technological leapfrog, mobile revolution, digital transformation… we are gradually moving to a new normal in our foreseeable future. But is your e-commerce application ready to face new challenges? Let’s check

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Customer loyalty programs: types and tools overview

Customer loyalty programs gain more and more popularity. Remember, how many times did you use customer loyalty programs last month? You probably even have such an application on your smartphone.

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E-Commerce Testing: Things to Concentrate On

From the perspective of software testing company employees, testing of e-commerce systems may be considered monotonous, if not boring. In actual fact, e-commerce checking as a type of software testing

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