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Effective Cooperation with a Remote QA Team

A remote job becomes our reality. Even if the remote team is qualified, the distance always matters. The involvement of a remote QA team has its pitfalls, especially when it

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How to Identify and Manage Software Testing Risks?

This article was updated in January 2021. “To err is normal, but uncertainty is not welcome,” write Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister in their book Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk

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Beyond the Reality: Challenges of VR Apps Testing

The future is already here. Artificial intelligence has turned now into reality and became a part of our life. Modern software not only respond to our voice and recognize our

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5 Risk Factors in Software Development Process

Scrutinous study and evaluation of risks are very important parts of testing strategy. Though it is hard to evaluate risks in details. It requires participation of many specialists and takes

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How Does Software Testing Affect Risk?

A risk is such circumstance which can arise wastes. Risk can only be controlled in different scenarios but not absolutely removed. A defect generally transforms to a risk. Let’s imagine,

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Testing Delay – Headache of Test Managers

Note: this article was updated in September 2019. Have you ever been late? Let me guess the reason – you are constantly short for time. It’s one thing when you

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