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Main Types of Software Testing or Testers-Cats

Quality Assurance process is rather a serious occupation: it takes responsibility for the product’s quality and says if it is ready for release. Not much place for jokes, right? We

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What is Monkey Testing?

Note: this article was updated in July 2019 Is it right to trust to chance, especially when it comes to your job? If to talk about software testing, you hardly

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The Main Goal of Acceptance Testing

Note: this article was updated in December 2019. Have you already conducted all system tests? Are all the bugs found and fixed? Looks like you have done with testing, there

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Classification of Software Testing Kinds

What is “testing”? The book Meshcheryakova MS “Software Testing” is given two definitions of this term: 1. Testing is a process of detecting errors in software 2. Testing is a

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