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7 Things Gamers Expect from a Multiplayer Online Game – and Why QA is One of Them

Game development is a rapidly maturing craft, with the new generation of tech-savvy dreamers creating fantastic new worlds and monetizing their success. You definitely have a dream too. You are

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What we learned from 100,000 game bugs reported?

On October 25 QATestLab held a webinar with our best test engineers Ivan, Alex, and Nazar to learn about game testing from experienced insiders, dispel popular myths and discuss unusual

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What Are the Requirements for Video Game Tester?

Nowadays the game industry is very popular. New versions of different games and new innovative games are released rather often. There are a lot of gamers not only among the

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Game Development Roles

The procedure of game creation is rather complex and it requires the participation of various specialists who fulfill certain tasks and perform a specified scope of work. Only effective and

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Types of Video Game Testers

Game developing companies in order to generate more revenues are hiring video game testers. So finding the correct source of the companies whichever is hiring is a must. There are

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