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Why to Write Test Cases?

Manual testing often involves such activity as test case writing. The experienced testers know that the process of test case creating, as well as their execution, usually requires much time,

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3 Pieces of Advice While Creating Test Cases

Despite the fact that a tester’s job is connected with the various set of stages, most time is spent on writing of the test cases. Software testing company tries to

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How to Create Test Cases Using State-Transition Diagrams?

State-transition diagrams are not widely used by the specialists of software testing company. But for certain, they simplify the execution of web application testing and mobile testing. Moreover, diagrams also

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Why Test Cases Should Be Designed?

To perform either functional testing or system testing, a tester should write the test cases. Some specialists of software testing company underestimate the importance and necessity of test cases. So

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Approaches for Designing Manual Test Cases

A proper description of test cases is important for both manual and automated testing. There are some challenges during writing tests for manual testing. Manual tests are created for humans,

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How to Begin Writing Test Cases?

As a rule, software testing is carried out relying on test cases. It is very important to use the correct approach to writing them, as properly written test cases, providing

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