3 Pieces of Advice While Creating Test Cases

3 Pieces of Advice While Creating Test Cases
September 29 07:09 2016  

Despite the fact that a tester’s job is connected with the various set of stages, most time is spent on writing of the test cases. Software testing company tries to hire people with not only excellent knowledge but also with the possessed ability of creative thinking and nonstandard issues approaching.

Performing software testing, both a “green” tester and an experienced one feel the difficulties during test cases writing. Thus, the actual result of either functional testing or web application testing, or any other type of checking is far from perfect.

Besides the absence of the artsy side, a tester can simply neglect the required writing rules and, hence, taints the whole thing.

3 Things Which Should Be Avoided While Writing Test Cases:

  • A tester should not mix up the system actual behavior with the expected one. If a tester, while conducting e.g., mobile testing, mentions only the incorrect behavior of the application, not the required one, this will narrow the whole research.
  • A tester should not miss the steps while creating a test case. It is of great importance to describe each reproducing step in order to clearly maintain the test running. It will, undoubtedly, ensure the successful result of the test process.
  • A tester should not insert absolutely different conditions in one test case. He should understand that if during the test running one of the conditions is failed, that will mean that the whole test case is failed. This is, surely, not true.

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