When Is It Good to Apply Exploratory Testing?

When Is It Good to Apply Exploratory Testing?
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For each mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing test-procedure must be carefully elaborated basing on the application requirements. But it is known that absolutely clear and detailed requirements exist only theoretically.

In practice due to time and budget constraints, human errors and other reasons software specifications are far from being ideal. Developing suitable test-procedure a software testing company has to apply analytical skills in order to verify the peculiarities of the system under test.

That is why exploratory testing is widely used during almost every testing process.

Exploratory testing is not prearranged, but testers should record performed test-cases in order to be able to reproduce the found bugs and measure the application test coverage.

Exploratory Testing Is Applied:

  • When the software specifications are informal or missing and there is not enough information about the tested software;
  • When the application requirements are not clear and detailed enough and the tester does not understand the application complexities;
  • At the early phases of the development process exploratory testing is used to verify the error-prone parts of the software in order to focus testing on them and make necessary modifications.
  • Exploratory testing is always helpful as a supplement to any well-planed test procedure.

But it is infeasible to perform web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing of high quality using only this method. Applying just exploratory testing one can omit important functional paths and it will be impossible to measure the application testing coverage.

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