Exploratory Testing

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Exploratory Testing: Features and Appliance 0

The testing types list seems to be endless and, moreover, some of them have very similar characteristics. Many “green” testers cannot realize the fine line between ad-hoc testing and exploratory

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3 Main Points of Exploratory Testing 0

It is not difficult to imagine that a beginner doesn’t know what to start while doing exploratory testing. It happens because of vast variety of opportunities this method provides. Experienced

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How to Find More Bugs with Exploratory Testing 0

Practice shows that test managers tend not to use exploratory testing in IT processes they manage. Instead, they often rely on automated testing or specification-based functional testing. Luckily, the situation

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A New Approach to Exploratory Testing 0

In a world of software testing services, there is a relatively new trend called “developer exploratory testing”. As seen from its name, this method suggests developers to perform exploratory testing.

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Why is Exploratory Testing Underestimated? 0

Many different types of testing have been elaborated recently. They allow to streamline and order a testing process, concentrate on different aspects of the application, find various defects. Most of

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What to Know About Exploratory Testing? 1

People have different opinions about exploratory testing. It is not always included in mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing. It is usually performed when no documents are provided

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