3 Main Benefits of Ad Hoc Testing

3 Main Benefits of Ad Hoc Testing
February 24 10:39 2011  

If you do not have sufficiently detailed software specifications and, we can offer you ad hoc testing. More upated information about ad hoc testing you can find here.

Ad hoc testing is a term commonly used for the tests carried out without planning the software and documentation. The tests are supposed to be executed only once, unless a defect is discovered.

In Ad-Hoc testing we undertake the following activities:

  • We test your application without following any rules or test cases using our experience and common sense
  • We report comments and any defects or issues found during testing
  • The issues/defects found during testing are discussed with the Project Team, Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts. The issues are resolved according to the mutual consensus and the satisfaction of end users

The customer’s benefits at a glance:

  1. No planning and documentation needed;
  2. The important bugs are found quickly;
  3. Easy to start and implement.

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