What to Know About Exploratory Testing?

What to Know About Exploratory Testing?
December 16 10:00 2014  

People have different opinions about exploratory testing. It is not always included in mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

It is usually performed when no documents are provided for the software product under test, or when too little time is allocated for testing, or the customer wants to get feedback about the product.

Exploratory testing is carried out without a test plan. The test engineers just use the application, follow various passes, solve different tasks with the help of it.

Wrong Assumptions About Exploratory Testing:

  • It doesn’t provide and rely on any written documents. As a matter of fact professional test engineers usually document the found errors, paths and tasks they perform while testing. These notes may be used later during regression testing or other testing types. Exploratory testing may base on the application requirements; testers may write down their thoughts and ideas how to conduct the testing.
  • Exploratory testing is carried out only by those, who know little about software testing techniques, methods and approaches or domain of the tested program. In reality professional testers and experts in domain knowledge frequently execute such manual testing.

Exploratory testing can be executed only once; if the same steps and tasks are performed later, such testing activity cannot be called exploratory testing, as it is performed based on the previous tests.

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