Why to Perform Mobile Testing Under Different Lighting?

Why to Perform Mobile Testing Under Different Lighting?
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Mobile devices are created for usage in various places, under different conditions, on the move. The majority of them are fit with different sensors making a mobile device adjustable to diverse conditions and user friendly.

Light sensors are utilized by all mobile software products. They adjust the screen to light conditions of all kinds. It is important for a mobile application to be readable and distinct under any light of surrounding. That is why it is recommended to check all screens of the tested software under different light conditions indoors and outside performing mobile application testing.

Desktop software products do not automatically adjust to surrounding light. So, one should not pay attention to light conditions executing desktop testing or web site testing.

Checking a software product under various lighting during mobile testing one should consider many issues.

Frequent Mobile Application Problems Related to Light Conditions:

  • the software background, items, text or images colors may be too violent or faint under certain surrounding lights;
  • the text and other items on the screens may be visible but their colors may cause eye strain;
  • the application color palette may be unsuitable for color-blinds.

A software testing company often finds such defects during mobile application testing. The defects happen because mobile software products are often created by developers involved in construction of desktop software products. That is why the developers may forget to consider various light conditions.

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