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How do Desktop, Client-Server and Web App Testing Differ? 0

Client-server applications require menu driven app testing. During its procedure, the specialists check the product functionality and main feature such as GUI but on the both sides – client and

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What Parallels May Be Drawn Between Mobile Testing and Other Testing Types? 0

Many testers, especially the newcomers, tend to believe that mobile testing or mobile application testing is a separate group of checking procedures that implicate the specified test techniques and rules,

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10 Characteristics of a Perfect Agile Specialist 0

Each organization starts from its leader, and software testing company is not an exception. Under agile testing conditions, an idea of the perfect manager has been permanently undergoing changes. Despite

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5 Aspect of the Right Test Management Tool 0

Any software testing company always tries to acquire easy-to-use and at the same time appropriate test management tools which perfectly meet the wants and needs of each QA team member.

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Make a Signal, Not a Noise 0

Performing any kind of tests, whether it is alpha testing or beta testing, manual checking or automation, functional testing or load control, stress-testing or user interface checking a tester should

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Why Is It Crucial to Perform Spike Testing? 0

The execution of performance tests is an important part of such testing types as website testing, web application checking, e-commerce testing, and some others. Usually, it is executed in the

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