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Why mobile apps fail 0

According to the Mobile App Report performed by comScore Inc, a digital measurement and analytics company, 65,5% of US smartphone users downloaded zero applications per month and only 8,8% –

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Importance of First Impression of Mobile Software 0

Software producers started to develop mobile software products relatively recently, several years ago, when tablets and smartphones appeared. Mobile applications have some distinctions from desktop applications. That is why mobile,

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Why is High Rating Important for Mobile Software? 0

When a user chooses a new mobile software product, he or she goes to a mobile software store and searches for applications with needed functions. Usually there are at least

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How to Efficiently Find Bugs in Mobile Software? 0

Tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, as well as software products for them, are utilized by users in different ways, under various situations. They are very sensitive to different influences. Even insignificant

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5 Weak Points of Using SMS in Applications 0

Mobile phones and smartphones support short message service or SMS. Text messages are simple and fast way of exchanging information. This service is very handy and is often utilized by

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What Is a Markup Application and How Can It Be Tested? 2

There are different types of applications on which you can conduct software testing. One of them is called a markup application. Let us find out what it is. An application

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