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Male vs Female 0

There are a lot of talks around the number of females who are working in software testing company. One believes that a woman is unable to test applications and various

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Cloud Tools for Automation: Obvious and Hidden Benefits 0

Every software testing company has its approach to automated testing. Some firms already started using the cloud tools during performance testing and functional testing, but automated testing is often left behind.

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Bugs in Production: Causes and Solutions 0

Even such a focused and attentive specialist as software tester is not immune to making a mistake. Testers may occasionally overlook a bug, and eventually it ends up in production.

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Brief Survival Guide for Testers 0

Both a beginner and an experienced software tester may have doubts on how to do the right thing in testing. It happens because if a tester makes a mistake, it

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What Is BPT? 0

Not only software should be checked with the help of regression testing, system testing, manual testing, unit testing, performance testing, etc. The process of software production is more complicated and

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What Is Back-to-Back Testing? 0

Testers perform different types of software testing according to the aim of checking, tested components of the system, available time, etc. For effective results of testing procedure, it is necessary

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