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How Does Software Testing Relate to PDCA? 0

There are many business management models which play not the last role in the activity organization. One of such methods is the so-called PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Indeed, this is hardly surprising

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Top 8 Questions for Mobile Testing Interview 0

Software testing is a rather specific kind of activity, containing interrelated and complementary processes. Usually, the test procedure presupposes checking of various software products (web testing, mobile testing, desktop apps

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5 Ways Agile Testing Differs Traditional One 0

Agile testing – a modern word in the context of software development cycle. Any software testing company tries to cultivate the feeling of the distinct importance among the test team

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Test Documentation as Early Warning of Errors 0

Any software testing company tends to complete software testing in time and as far as feasible to curb expenditures. Each software test process starts with the requirements’ examination. Unfortunately, documentation

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6 Difficulties a Tester May Face 0

Software product testing is usually connected with a certain range of problems which testers should know how to prevent or better avoid. The main thing is not to become nervous

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How to Test a Website for Session Timeout Errors? 0

Website testing is a special type of checking which usually includes many stages. Manual testing commonly goes slightly into automated testing, and then, vice versa. A website, as a communication

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