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Automated Testing in DevOps: Whys and Wherefores 0

The DevOps practice implies close collaboration of developers and other IT experts during the software delivery. This new trend is increasingly becoming popular among software testing and mobile testing specialists

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Agile or Not: Tips to Determine a Team’s Approach to Product Development 0

In a software testing company, everyone knows that the Agile methodology is an antipode to the Waterfall methodology. However, it doesn’t mean that if software testing service is not provided

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Accurate Test Estimation: Measure Thrice and Cut Once 0

Before starting testing a new product, a specialist from software testing company is often asked to estimate an effort required for sufficient verification of a product’s functionality. Unfortunately, even experienced testers

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A New Portion of False Statements about Testing 0

Throughout the entire professional life, a software tester hears lots and lots of different misconceptions about testing – from classic ones to quite weird ones. Wrong ideas about software testing

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5 Ways to Prepare the File Server to High Load 0

It is a good sign for a company when its servers become so busy that they hang and crash. It usually means that the company’s products are very popular. Load

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5 Ways to Improve the Quality of Tests 0

Different teams have their own special features of software testing practice. Moreover, each software tester performs manual testing and automated testing in his own way. There are, however, common tips

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