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Stress Testing vs Load Testing 0

Many people involved in the software testing process not once faced with the concept of load testing which means the check of the system’s behavior under normal and high load.

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Why the Regression and Smoke Testing Should be Performed? 0

Sometimes, the software creators have limitations in budget and time for the product release on the market, but, nevertheless, they are aware that the system should always be tested for

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Should Software Withstand the Load? 0

Many developer companies, due to the high competition at the software market, become more concerned about the quality of their products. Some of these concerns include “if a developed program

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What are Goals and Bonuses of Functional Testing? 0

None of the software products can be of 100% quality without the previously performed functional testing. This means that before releasing a product it should be checked whether all requirements

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4 Main Constituents of Performance Testing 0

One of the quality assurance means is performance testing which is used in order to understand if the software withstands the different load in terms of responsiveness and if it

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Is Team Building Necessary for Software Testing? 0

Today talking about software testing the expression “team building” is often used, but not everyone knows what it means by itself. In a nutshell – it is strengthening of communication

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