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Difficulties of Translation or Localization Testing 0

Performing mobile testing or desktop testing, testers know very well what they need to do. But those, who have faced with localization testing for the first time probably asked themselves:

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3 Levels of Testing Automation 0

Software testing company employees know that the application under test can be conditionally divided into 3 levels – Unit Tests Layer, Functional Tests Layer (Non-UI) and GUI Tests Layer. To

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What do you Know About the Incremental Testing? 0

Anyone who is involved in the software product testing field knows a majority of testing types – unit testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, and so on. But today with the

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4 Main Inequalities of Testing and Debugging Procedures 0

Quite often during interviews in the software testing company applicants are asked about the difference between testing and debugging. Most often, beginners admit the typical mistake by claiming that these

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What Causes the “Invalid” Bugs? 0

Before reporting any incident to the bug tracker, a tester must ensure that it is not his fault during the test and that he has not missed any important detail

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Specific Features of the Mobile Application Testing 0

The need for the mobile application testing is growing rapidly, but there are still many difficulties and problems in this area. In addition to desktop testing and web site testing

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