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Win or Failure: Assessing Success of Agile Project 0

In recent years, the number of companies choosing the Agile methodology has significantly increased. While one software testing company may achieve more due to the implementation of Agile principles, another

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Widespread Fallacies of Load and Performance Testing in Agile 0

The Agile methodology is all about speed and velocity. Therefore, it is surprising that load testing and performance testing are often executed only at the end of development process. In

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When Emulation Is Not Enough: Testing in Production 0

In a software testing lab, a lot of attention is given to bug hunting in a testing environment. Some customers believe that it is all they need for a bug-free product.

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What Are the Pros of Test Management in Agile? 0

Many experts believe that a software testing company that works according to the Agile methodology doesn’t actually need test management. Indeed, Agile company can operate without test management as such.

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What Are the Peculiarities of Mobile Performance Testing? 0

The first thing that should be known about mobile performance testing is that some of its rules are the same as in web application testing, but mobile performance is more

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What Are the Keys to Successful Agile Test Automation? 0

The Agile methodology is widely known by its short and iterative development cycles. With this approach, automated testing proves to be highly productive and useful. Any software testing company with

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