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5 Secrets of the Successful QA Testing Presentation 0

Each tester at least once in his career faced the necessity of visualization of his knowledge, suggestions, project’s peculiarities, and so on. Software testing as a very sophisticated and many-sided

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5 Distinct Pluses of Automated Testing 0

Nowadays software testing company more and more applies the automation principle in software product testing. Being one of the last IT trends, automated testing allows a tester to monitor the

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Bug Is Discovered: What Is Next? 0

Software testing is a complex concept which involves many types of activities, the set of standard rules, and the roles distribution. Each professional tester, preparing to functional testing, security checking,

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3 Inherent Parts of the Constructive Meeting 0

Meeting – a kind of brainstorming tool for every software testing company. Its usage maintains the collective work of a team and always helps to provide the systematization of the

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10 Basic Usability Testing Principles 0

Nowadays’ computerized life makes the users go to the different websites in order to get the necessary information. There are a lot of Internet platforms which allow their visitors to

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Cross Browser Testing: Why? Where? When? 0

Talking about user interface testing, one cannot forget about the product checking on various devices, OS versions, and browsers. It is a widespread problem when a user wants to open

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