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E-Commerce Testing: Things to Concentrate On 0

From the perspective of software testing company employees, testing of e-commerce systems may be considered monotonous, if not boring. In actual fact, e-commerce checking as a type of software testing

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Division into Unexpected Pairs: A New Approach to Exploratory Testing 0

In a world of software testing services, there is a relatively new trend called “developer exploratory testing”. As seen from its name, this method suggests developers to perform exploratory testing.

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Diverse Testing Team: Collecting a Jigsaw Puzzle 0

A team of software product testing specialists always includes individuals with different skills and mentalities. In a perfect world, each tester is engaged in the activity he/she likes most: for

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Defining Perfection of the Software: Not as Easy as It Seems 0

Dozens of testing types (such as functional testing, performance testing, security testing, usability testing, load control, unit testing, etc.) are performed with the sole purpose of creating a perfect software

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Checking the Usability of Web and Mobile Apps: Simple Principles to Go By 0

The users of mobile and web applications would always prefer efficient and easy-to-use apps over entangled and annoying ones. No wonder that user experience is an important aspect for a

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Building a Testing Team like It Is a Sports Team 0

There many similarities between sports and software product testing or mobile testing. Just like a sports team during important tournament, a testing team in the midst of performing functional testing

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