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Test Code as an Apple of Discord between Testers and Developers 0

For a software testing lab, it is a standard practice to let testers with programming skills create and maintain the test code. It seems logical, but what if a software

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Test Automation: When Focus Is Not on Quantity 0

In a software testing company, no matter how skilled and well-trained the testers are, they cannot automate all the tests. In fact, test automation is not necessarily applicable to all

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Test Automation: Planning and Winning 0

Even the biggest haters of QA automation cannot fail to acknowledge that a reasonable and consistent approach to automated testing can bring great benefits to a software testing company. The

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Stress, Performance and Load: Three Pillars to Lean On during Testing 0

Each software testing lab has a choice: create tests from the ground up or use a specialized tool that can significantly help with that. This is true not only for

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Software Testing: Complicated Burden or Elegant Endeavor? 0

An experienced and professional software tester can be easily recognized by the way he treats his test activities. Such testers perform software testing, website testing or mobile testing effortlessly and

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Simulating the Reality during Performance Testing 0

A lot of experts believe that the efficiency of performance testing depends on how close the tests are to reality. A software tester should not just create unified performance tests

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