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The Difficulties of Localization Testing 0

Every software testing type has its own difficulties and peculiarities of the performance procedure. Now, it is the time to clearly understand what troubles a tester may face during localization

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How Developers Can Cooperate with Testers 0

Relationships between software developers and testers can differ from company to company. Sometimes testers are considered as burden for the development team. In some cases testers have to perform work

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What Is TDD? 0

TDD is an abbreviation for test driven development. It is the special practice of the code creation used by developers. Not all development teams practice TDD. One may think that

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About the Execution of Unit Testing 0

Different testing methods and principles are applied in software testing company to make the checking procedure faster and more effective. Agile methodologies are widely used by developers and testers. Unit

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Unit Testing Tips 0

A bug free product will be popular among users, and there is a high possibility that it will be further developed and modified. To make the product free from any

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Testing and Silo: Common Features 0

It is said a lot about the silo effect and its results. Every company faces this problem, and software testing company is not an exception. On one hand, the silo

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