WebMethod testing with iTKO LISA

WebMethod testing with iTKO LISA
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What are webMethod /Software AG?
webMethod suite is a software for process improvement, SOA enablement, IT modernization and business and partner integration.

To ensure integration projects deliver expected business results, we have to ensure the quality of the application at every stage. iTKO LISA is built to give development and integration teams the ability to test every layer of webMethod application infrastructure from component testing to comprehensive validation, and load testing.

Brief about the project
The project involves integration between JDE ERP 811(JDE) and Maximo 4.1(MAX4). We integrated and maintained the data consistency between JDE and MAX4. The backend used in both cases was Oracle Database.

Testing webMethod Integration services:
The challenges include invoking and verifying systems across multiple technology layers, providing assurance during design and development, as well as when software updates or new interactions occur. Continuous validation is required. Have to identify potential issues and enforcing policies that may affect service levels. Many times there is a dependency on third party services and components that are not yet developed. Other available SOA testing tools were only useful for request and response testing and not for middle level testing. Many open source testing tools were useless as were dependent on WSDL (Web Service Description Language).

LISA’s coverage for webMethod:
LISA can directly interact to webMethod Integration server, Broker, webMethod BPMS and acts like a client. For Integration Testing LISA can test Web Applications/RIAs (HTTP, HTML, and Swing etc), Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, and XML), Java Components, and JDBC Database of any flavor.

For Invoke and verify
The testing process needs to be able to create the conditions that produce unexpected behaviors

Challenges for Test Team:
It was difficult for test team to create the cause. When a service is ready and is available for testing, the test team has to create the cause, the precondition to test the service and also had to create the conditions that produce unexpected behaviors in the systems, on single user basis and under load. It was difficult for the test team to manually insert record into a database, which triggers another activity within webMethods Modeler or Integration Server which launches a flow service resulting in another JMS message being sent, and then records being dropped into financial system. In order to test this example it was very difficult for the test team to create all the scenarios to validate just a single service.
A tool was needed which can interact within each layer, insert records, trigger webMethods services, transform data, publish a message and validate the received message or look into the financial system.

Solution: iTKO’s LISA:
There are several typical ways LISA can generate a chain of reactions of events within SoftwareAG integration. For instance, LISA can insert a record into database, which triggers another activity within webMethod Modeler or Integration Server. LISA can invoke and verify the Service, as well as other critical layers of the underlying application the service exposes, including Web UIs, ESB and Integration servers, Java objects, databases and mainframes. When a new service is registered over the registry LISA tests can be run to verify that the service meets structural, behavioral and performance related policies throughout their lifecycle.

To create the cause LISA step SQL Database Execution (JDBC) step was used with insert queries. LISA can even write a message to a JMS queue to start the process with the help of JNDI step. webMethod Integration Server reads the message from the queue, writes the payload of the message to the database, then sends a SOAP request to a system. LISA can validate messages, or database endpoints.

Source: http://www.vietnamesetestingboard.org

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