How to Involve Non-functional Testing?

How to Involve Non-functional Testing?
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Software quality can be enhanced by different approaches that differ from functional testing, such as technical performance analysis, security testing, usability testing.

What is Non-functional Testing?

Non-functional testing is an extensive part of software testing that obscures a lot of different aspects of software behavior. Some of the most usual non-functional tests that are identified and conducted on a regular basis are performance, capacity, and failover tests.

How to Involve Non-functional Testing in Your Project?

At present many IT projects disregard to test extra non-functional characteristics of the systems they implement, such as sustainability / soak test, recovery and operability.

The area of non-functional behavior showed by an application and system combination is immense and further complicated by the sudden nature of events taking place in the target production environment.

In a perfect world we would have an entire set of non-functional requirements that defines all elements of application behavior in a given environment and systems composition under a variety of custom patterns.

Reality of Non-functional Testing

The reality is that, at the best, project teams are faced with a lean minimum set of requirements that define the expected response time for a set of critical online functions, a batch processing window, and high-level availability requirements.

You should use another method that is different than the traditional functional requirements collecting and specification is required to get a list of non-functional requirements.

Moreover to the minimum set of tests above, there are many extra tests that are critical to understanding and verifying the non-functional behavior of your application and system.

You should use another method that is different than the traditional functional requirements collecting

What Do We Advise?

We believe that non-functional types of testing should be paid no less time than the functional testing and these efforts should be planned in the early stages of development.

Main types of non-functional testing :

  • Performance testing (load testing, etc.)
  • Failover testing
  • Usability testing,
  • Testing of Information Security.

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    Very good write and article.

    Non-Functional Testing span the following,

    Performance Testing- This includes load, volume, capacity and stress testing which requires a comprehensive strategy to address various challenges.

    Compatibility Testing- Helps in verifying that the applications work as expected across different browsers, operating systems and technology stacks.

    Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing- Conducted to verify the disaster recovery plans of IT systems.