Why Do We Choose Independent Testing?

Why Do We Choose Independent Testing?
June 20 12:00 2011  

Mature in terms of industrial organization usually resort to such type of outsourcing. These companies have their own already established system to ensure product quality and have its own testing department.

What is the Reason of Appeal to Independent Testing?

This is the desire to achieve economically the most efficient way to ensure the quality, get the most qualified personnel.

When such an approach to testing internal team focused on the most important function of the product, which is its know-how.

The customer removes himself from the need to keep a large team of highly qualified and is rarely used testers.

There are other reasons. Certain types of testing, such as load testing or compatibility testing, require the presence of highly productive technology from various manufacturers, as well as expensive software.

Thus, outsourcing may be the only way to conduct these tests, sure in the case of the customer has not a limitless budget.

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