Why Check Nonfunctional Issues During Testing?

Why Check Nonfunctional Issues During Testing?
October 04 10:00 2013  

It is known that a good application must perform its functions properly. That is why much attention is paid to functional testing.

But any software testing company will confirm that non-functional issues of software are of utmost importance as well. Besides executing its functions an application has to be easy in usage and maintenance, compatible with widely spread operation systems, browsers and other elements of environment, be secure and withstand loads.

These nonfunctional issues are as important as correct operation of the software functions.

The Issues Can Be Checked When Performing:

To check nonfunctional aspects of a system one needs to consult nonfunctional requirements. They must be clear and detailed as well as functional requirements. It is a good practice to define correlated functional and nonfunctional requirements. In this case necessary attention will be paid to the nonfunctional aspects of the application under test.

Nonfunctional issues of a project should be tested starting from early phases of a development process. It will be labor and time consuming to implement needed changes late in the development life cycle.

So, checking of nonfunctional aspects of software is an essential component of any software testing.

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